#40: chat filters, polls in groups, fixed Mexican numbers and a couple of updates for Kommo, Bitrix24 and Hubspot

April 17, 2024
1 minute

We’ve collected all the latest updates in one page — make sure nothing important dropped out of sight.

Polls in group chats

In WhatsApp and Telegram group chats, customers can send polls. In Wazzup chats they are also displayed — you will see the poll as a regular message. You can also send something in response to it. You can’t create a poll or vote in one via Wazzup.

Changed a couple of buttons in Wazzup chats

“Envelope” has turned into a button “No reply needed”

It is now on the left side of the chat screen. The button appears when a new message from a client arrives.

It works the same way as before: to make notifications about messages from the client disappear, click the button or reply.

If you plan to reply to the client, but later — it’s better to let notifications stay. This way the chat won’t go down and messages won’t get lost.

The “Suitcase” has moved to the upper right corner and is now called “Deals”

As before, you can click to view transactions with a client and create a new one. 

Salesbot and CRM Plugin in Kommo working in a new way

The “Message” step in Salesbot now works differently. Also, you can select a specific channel for the feedback button. 

About the “Message” step

In this step, you can customize which channels to send messages from. Previously, the step did not send messages to all chats and could not create new ones. Now messages are sent only from the channels you have selected in the chat settings. And if there is no chat with a contact from your card, the bot will try to create one. 

👉 We suggest replacing the “Initiate Conversation” step with the “Message” in Salesbot settings — this way you can choose the channels to send to. There are no other differences between these steps now.

If the bot has already created a chat with a customer via the “Initiate Conversation” step and now writes to them via “Message” or our widget, the chat will be duplicated in the card. It won’t affect automation, but if they get annoyed, the extra chat can be detached. Then correspondence on it will disappear from the card in Kommo.

About the feedback button

Now you can select the channel where messages from customers from the website will be sent. 

👉 If you have more than one WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business API (WABA) channel, check in the CRM Plugin settings which one is listed as the source and select the appropriate one.

To do this, go to funnel settings → on the left side in deal sources, click on CRM Plugin → in the list of channels, choose WhatsApp → select the right channel from the list.

Search by variables in Business Processes and Salesbot

News for those who work with our activity in Bitrix Business Processes and the widget in Kommo Salesbot. Now it’s easier to find and add the desired variable to the message text – you can use search in the list of variables. Start typing its name or CRM element (e.g. contact or transaction) and we will automatically show you suitable results.

Updated Wazzup extension for HubSpot

We have fixed bugs in the Wazzup browser extension for HubSpot. If you were having trouble connecting the extension or it was not working, please reinstall it. 

To do it:

1. Go to Chrome Web Store → uninstall the Wazzup extension.

2. Re-install the extension in Chrome Web Store and link it to your HubSpot account following the instructions.

☝️ The extension must be reinstalled for all employees who use it.

What is the Wazzup extension for

The extension allows you to open all chats with a merchant’s customers in one window in CRM. It’s free and available in all browsers that Chrome Web Store works with.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet — suggest connecting it according to the instructions.

If you have any questions, our support is here.

Meta update: read rate for WABA users

On April 1, Meta released a new metric for marketing newsletter templates — read rate.

How the read rate works

Previously, after sending out a newsletter, you could check the number of delivered messages in WhatsApp. Now you can also check the number of opened messages — with two blue ticks. These are used to determine the read rate.

⚠️ Read rate only applies to marketing templates and only to new dialogs or 24-hour sessions with customers.

What the read rate affects

Meta may block templates with low scores or ban an account if there are too many such templates. We don’t know how many — Meta doesn’t disclose internal criteria. 

Make sure your read rate is at least 70%.

Where to track the read rate

In WhatsApp Manager message templates. You select the template you want, click on it and open the statistics.

How to maintain a high read rate

  • Only send newsletters to people who have confirmed their wish to receive.
  • Send customers something that will definitely be useful to them. For example, if a customer has only been buying cat food from you for a year, don’t offer them discounts on hamster products.
  • In the message preview, people only see the first 60–65 characters. Write the beginning so that the reader will want to jump into the dialog.
  • Recipients may include people who want to unsubscribe from newsletters. Try adding an unsubscribe button to your templates to avoid complaints.
  • Respond in time to notifications about the quality of templates. They will come as banners in WhatsApp Manager and by email to all administrators configured in Business Manager.

Improved notifications in the Telegram bot

As it used to be: usually, if the number of dialogs on a channel approaches or exceeds the limit, we send notifications to the Telegram bot. But if a client had a Free tariff, these notifications were not always delivered. 

As it is now: we give timely notifications when the limit is about to expire or has already expired.

The case with Mexican numbers in Bitrix24 fixed

As it used to be: we didn’t support short Mexican numbers with prefix 52 — instead of them we created a chat with a 521 number. You couldn’t call or do anything else on this number, and when you tried to write to a short number Wazzup showed an error. 

As it is now: everything works as it should — write a short number, you can call or save the contact number.

Contacts and deals from Hubspot after merging display as they should

As it used to be: after merging deals or contacts in Hubspot, they remained separate in Wazzup and were displayed on their own. 

As it is now: if you merge contacts or deals in Hubspot, we recognize it and remove the extra from Hubspot – everything is displayed correctly. 

That’s all for now.
Have good sales, everyone :*