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Wazzup Partner Program Rules

If you participate in the Wazzup Partner Program, you agree to these rules.


What is the essence of partnership and why do we need rules

What kind of compensation does the partner receive

What else does a partner get

What we in turn expect from a partner

     The partner understands the peculiarities of working with an IT product

     The partner will receive training and use promotional materials

     The partner sells an existing product, not a promise

How a partner receives referral fees

Where to go for help

Rules for attracting customers

What is the essence of partnership and why do we need rules

As partners, we share tasks and profits with you. Our team makes a product that solves people’s problems, and you bring in customers and get money and other bonuses for it.

So that you understand what to expect from us and what we, in turn, want from our partner, we have prepared these rules. Here we tell you:

  • how and under what conditions we will divide the earnings from the payments of the clients,
  • how you will be credited,
  • what else you will receive in addition to the remuneration.

What kind of compensation does the partner receive

Partner receives interest for subscription payments and WABA balance top-ups.

Reward for subscription payments

The size of payments depends on the way you work with the client. You can work on one or two schemes at once at your choice:

1. Accept payments from clients and receive 35% or 50%.

The mechanics are the same as in Kommo or Bitrix24 partnerships. You register a new user through the partner account set up Wazzup, accept payment and buy him the service at your partner discount. We do not communicate with this client.

The discount is your reward. You keep the amount of the discount right away, and you put the rest of the payment into a partner account to buy the service.

The percentage of commission on payments that go through you depends on the number of customers you have sold Wazzup to:

  • if 9 or less — 35%,
  • If 10 or more — 50% of all payments you accept.

That is, as soon as you bring the tenth client, you will get 50% from all the next payments of already connected and new users.

If you stop working with a customer, but they continue to use Wazzup and pay for the service themselves, you will receive 20% according to the scheme below.

2. Bring clients — they will pay for the service directly to us, and you will receive 20% of the payments for a year from the moment of their registration.

This scheme is necessary if you do not want to work with a client. If this is the case, register a person using your referral link, and we will set up the service for him ourselves. We will pay the reward every month to your partner account.

Rewards for WABA balance top-ups

All partners get 10% of WABA balance top-ups regardless of the number of clients and payment method:

  • If the partner tops up the balance via their account, the sum of the top-up will be 10% less;
  • If the clients refill in their cabinet — 10% of the amount will be returned to the affiliate account within a year from the moment of client’s registration.

What else does a partner get

Transparency of payments: you can see in the partner’s cabinet payments of clients who registered through links, and you will understand what remuneration we will accrue to you.

Training and assistance at all stages of work with the client. We tell you how the service is set up, how to promote it, and how to communicate with clients about the product.

Free channels and discount on service. Official partners get one WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram and Avito channel each on the Max tariff in two accounts:

  • In your personal cabinet, channels that you can use for your own commercial purposes.
  • In a demo account. Use it only to demonstrate the service to customers and test its capabilities.

You can also add channels and pay for them from a partner account at a discount equal to the amount of your commission.

Opportunity to get remuneration from payments of your clients, who connected to the service before you became a partner. If you are working with a Wazzup user and they are not working with another partner, you can attach them to you through support.

The ability to influence the development of the service. Your suggestions will 100% of the time be discussed by the Wazzup product team — we review them every week.

We collect feedback, but we don’t always do something based on it. If we think that a feature “won’t score” or won’t solve clients’ problems — we don’t take on it, because the ultimate risk of development is borne by our company.

Bonuses for partners who have sold the service to 10 clients:

  • free WhatsApp Business API channel on Max tariff.
    To connect, write to support. The guys will create a subscription, you’ll top up your balance to pay for dialogs, and you can use the channel to work and demonstrate the service

  • personal manager.

What we in turn expect from a partner

The partner understands the peculiarities of working with an IT product

1. The partner knows that bugs are inevitable in any IT product, and Wazzup is no exception.

We integrate WhatsApp in the CRM: if the messenger or CRM will malfunction, it will affect the service.

If there is a problem, it will take time to find and fix the cause. During these periods, users may react violently to problems, so the partner’s job when there is a failure is to reassure customers.

2. The partner understands that it is impossible to predict the timeline for solving bugs and developing features.

We can give you a timeline when we know what the problem is and can estimate how long it will take to fix it. The problem is that when something breaks down, it’s not always possible to pinpoint the cause quickly — signs can point to a variety of problems.

For example, queue delays can appear because of a DDoS attack, iFrame bugs, server problems, or CRM problems. To figure it out, we look to see if the requests are different from the normal load. Then we dig deeper and exclude what definitely doesn’t fit.

It is the searching for the cause that takes the most time. When we know what’s wrong, we fix it right away. It makes no sense to give a deadline, because it usually takes 5 minutes from the moment we know what the problem is to fix it.

✅ Calmly respond to bugs, report problems to support and reassure the client in case of technical difficulties.
❌ Scolding the company in times of trouble, demanding deadlines to solve them, and not helping customers.

The partner will receive training and use promotional materials

Participants will be trained to know the benefits of the service and understand how to solve a customer’s problem with Wazzup. If you don’t build on your customers’ needs when selling a service, you can’t sell it.

✅ Knowing the benefits of the service, its features and how they help customers.
❌ Not understanding why customers choose Wazzup over the competitors.

The partner sells an existing product, not a promise

Sometimes people sell features that don’t exist yet — we’re against that approach. The task of the partner is to communicate the value of existing functionality.

Customers choose from those services that are already on the market and cover their needs, rather than waiting for the perfect product. So if they need integration with WhatsApp, they will choose one of the apps anyway, and it makes no sense for you to rely on the customer’s “cravings” that none of the services will fulfill.

Wazzup has enough value to make people choose us: the service already solves more problems than competitors’ products. So in order to sell, you only need to explain how the current version of Wazzup solves real human problems and why we are better than other services.

✅ Offering customers solutions to their problems using existing Wazzup features.
❌ Selling customers features that don’t exist, but may someday.

How a partner receives referral fees

If customers pay for the service themselves, on the first day of each month your affiliate account gets 20% of their payments for the previous month.

For example, if a referral paid for the service on May 10, you will receive a percentage of the payment not immediately, but on June 1.

Rewards can be used to pay for the service for other clients, or withdrawn from a partner account through support. You can recieve your money by invoice without a fee if you are an IE or LLC. Write to support — they can help you invoice us correctly, and we will pay within three days.

If a client pays 1000 dollars, you will get 20% — 200 on your partner account. When we send money, we will give 7% from the sum to the payment system. As a result, you will get 186 dollars — almost 19% of the client’s payment.

Remuneration is paid in euros and dollars. The partner pays all his own taxes.

Where to go for help

If you have any questions, write to support. The support team will solve technical problems, tell everything about the service and put you in touch with a partner manager, if necessary. Support responds within 5 minutes 24/7 and will help with urgent requests.

To consult with other integrators, ask questions to the Wazzup management and get news about the service, ask the support to be added to the chat in WhatsApp.

Rules for attracting customers

How not to do: How to do:
Impersonate a Wazzup employee. Introduce yourself as an “official partner”.
Sell your free partner channels to customers. Use your free channels yourself, and create separate channels for the client and pay for them.
Give customers discounts at the expense of your commission and sell the service cheaper than what is listed on the site in the “tariffs” section. Sell the service at the prices on the site and take the commission — you do not work for nothing.
Drive any “black” traffic to Wazzup sites. For example, ClickUnder, Pop-under, Adult-traffic, spam-mailing.
Buy our branded traffic.

Share referral links with your friends and clients.

Post links on your sites and pages on social networks.

Buy traffic to your resources where the referral link is published.

Copy or create “mirrors” of Wazzup sites on domains not owned by Wazzup. Create your own materials about Wazzup: presentations, weblinks, and more.
Distribute any material that contains misinformation regarding users. Make independent reviews, constructively criticize or praise the service, and distribute Wazzup materials.
Create branded groups on social networks and perform other actions on behalf of Wazzup. Create interest groups, with help, discussions, etc.

For violation of the rules — expulsion from the partner program with deprivation of all privileges and opportunities.


Развитие бизнеса с Wazzup

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Вы можете общаться с клиентами через удобные для них способы связи из окна CRM, а вся история переписки будет храниться в карточке контакта или сделки.

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Используйте все возможности WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram и ВКонтакте в связке с инструментами CRM для улучшения клиентского сервиса и создания эффективной бизнес-стратегии.

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