Referral Program

The referral program is a way to earn money by attracting new customers to our service. The client himself replenishes his Wazzup account, and you get 20% from each payment. The money is credited monthly to the bonus account during one year from the moment the referral is registered.

For a client to become your referral, he must register using the referral link. Clients are attached to an affiliate only automatically, you cannot attach a referral through support.

When a client registers through a referral link, we set up the service for them. If you want to take the work with a client on your own, you can register in the partner program and receive 35% of a client’s check as long as he is using the service.

The rules of the referral partner program can be found in the “Rules” tab in the “Affiliate” section.

Referral links

You can create links and track registrations in the “Affiliate” section.

In the “Referral Links” section you can create an unlimited number of links in order to place them on different sources. Your referral will get 500 rubles, 10 euros or 10 dollars to your bonus account for registering with the link. Currency is determined during registration.


The “Registrations” section displays statistics on the number of clients who have registered through referral links. The data is divided by each day, but not by specific users.

You can also see the statistics on the effectiveness of each link. You can place different links on several traffic sources. This will help to understand the profitability of each channel.

Referral payments

All payments to your referrals are shown in the general table by months. The table shows: payment amount, personal account identification number, date of registration, and referral link. In the upper right corner you can see the total amount of turnover for the selected period.

We do not pay for displays, leads, registrations and other intermediate targets before payment. Only clients who have paid for the service are included in the calculation.

Bonus account

The “Bonus account” tab displays receipts and deductions of funds. Percent from the client’s check is charged on the first day of each month within one year from the moment of registration of the referral.

It is impossible to withdraw money from the bonus account. Such a possibility is provided only for partners.