#34: updated app, group chats and widget settings in Salesbot

July 24, 2023
1 minute

As always we have some goodies for you: besides mobile app updates now you can quickly find templates by the tags. Also we have some bug fixes:  group chats aren’t duplicated and settings in our Salesbot widget are displayed correctly.

Updates in mobile app

We made the work with chat list in the mobile app more convenient:

  • Now you can quickly find templates by the tags that were created for them in your Wazzup account.
  • We’ve also added an icon of the messenger to which each dialogue belongs. For example, if you communicate with one client on WhatsApp and Telegram, you will immediately see where the chat is on WhatsApp and where it is on Telegram.
  • Also we’ve removed the “Create dialogue” button from where it is not needed. If you can’t write from the channel first, we don’t suggest it.

Group chats aren’t duplicated anymore

How it worked before: sometimes a WhatsApp group chat was duplicated, and its copy looked like a regular dialogue with one client. Because of this, an extra deal was created in CRM.

You could see a kind of mess with messages in this group chat: outgoing messages could be sent from the group chat, but incoming messages came to its duplicate.

How it works now: it’s fixed now, we don’t create an additional unnecessary chat and a deal.

Kommo: returned settings to our widget in Salesbot

How it worked before: the settings in the steps with our widget in Salesbot were missing. Because of this, it wasn’t possible to add new steps with the widget and change settings in the already working ones.

The bug didn’t affect the sending of messages: they went away as they should, but attempting to add something to it or change it was a problem.

How it works now: we’ve returned the settings back where they belong.

That’s all for now, folks
Have good sales, everyone :*