#11: WABA, application access and bugs in Wazzup Web

November 28, 2022
6 минут

We fixed some bugs in the personal account: we show when the sales rep last logged into Wazzup Web, also we explain the reasons of why your text cannot be sent in WABA templates, plus we don’t give managers unnecessary notifications in Wazzup Web.

Everything in order now — in our new changelog.

WABA: explaining what’s wrong with the message

How it worked before: sometimes messages in WABA wouldn’t go to the client for no apparent reason, and an unknown error was displayed in the status. The user did not understand what was happening, and went to contact the support.

This problem occurred because Meta does not tolerate when a variable uses line breaks, indents, or more than four spaces in a row.

How it works now: we’ve added error text. Now it’s clear how to fix the message so that Meta allows it. 

If you know that your sales reps will write a lot in a variable, it is better to add several variables to the template at once on different lines. So you can send well-formed text to customers.

We don’t substitute managers who use Wazzup Web

How it worked before: in the “Mobile application” section of the personal account, it was shown that an employee was online in Wazzup applications if he accessed the application on a phone or PC. When he communicated with clients via Wazzup Web, the visit date was not updated.

So if the sales rep swore by the heart of his mother that he corresponded with clients from a laptop, and you did not see this in your personal account, this is our mistake. Don’t scold the employee

How it works now: It’s fixed now. If the sales rep logged into one of the Wazzup applications, we update the time correctly – at which he really was online. 

If you haven’t used our applications yet, it’s right time to try it – with it the sales rep will always be in touch with customers.We highly recommend you to read the article about our applications to find out how to use it.

Wazzup Web: we don’t send extra push notifications to the manager

How it worked before in Wazzup Web: employees with the “Manager” role received notifications about messages from clients for which they weren’t actually responsible. At the same time, in the integration settings the setting “Notify employees with the role of “Manager” on all messages” was disabled. 

How it works now: We also fixed it, so now push notifications come only through your chats and don’t distract for no reason. 

That’s all for now, folks. Stay tuned to our newswire to keep up with our updates. 

Hugs to everyone :*