Common errors

429 Too Many Requests: if the limit of 1000 requests per minute is exceeded. The counter is reset every minute.

401 Unauthorized. Failed to pass the API key or passed the wrong key.

500 Internal server error

403 Forbidden: Requests for routers which are not allowed to use sidecar API KEY can lead to errors.

TOO_MACH_ENTITIES. Routes that have a limit on number of entities sent for processing — 100 at a time.

  • POST /contacts,
  • POST /deals,
  • POST/users,
  • PATCH /contacts/bulk_delete,
  • PATCH /deals/bulk_delete.


When an error occurs, the 4X status code will be returned, and the response body will either be empty or contain JSON of the form:

error: 'ERROR CODE',
description: 'CHANNEL_BLOCKED', // a short description of the error in English
[data]: {} // object with additional information. Not obligatory. It is intended to be analyzed by developers to determine the cause of the error.