Working with channels

A channel is understood as a specific account in a messenger in which the work is done. By “channel type” we mean messenger (WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, etc.). So you can have multiple channels for each “channel type”.

For example, you can have the following list of channels at the same time:

  • “Support” channel in the WhatsApp messenger
  • The “Support USA +1” channel in the WhatsApp messenger
  • The “Sales” channel in Instagram.

Getting the channel list

In order to get a list of channels that are added to work in Wazzup, you must call:

Request example
 curl --location --request GET '' \

--header 'Authorization: Bearer c8cf90444023482f909520d454368d27'

Response example

HTTP/1.1 200 OK



"channelId": string,

"transport": "whatsapp",

"plainId": "79865784457",

"state": "active"


Response parameters
Parameter Type Description
channelId String Channel Id (uuidv4)
transport String Channel type (messenger). Available values: whatsapp instagram
plainId String Phone number or instagram channel account
state String Channel status: 

active — channel is active

init — channel is starting

disabled — the channel is turned off

phoneUnavailable — no connection to the phone

qr — qr code must be scanned

openElsewhere — the channel is open in another place

notEnoughMoney — the channel is not paid

foreignphone — channel QR was scanned by another phone number

unauthorized — not authorized (instagram, vk, facebook)

waitForPassword — channel is waiting for a password for two-factor authentication