Loading sales funnels

When writing to a client that is not in the CRM, it is necessary to set the rules for selecting the funnel in which the deal will be created.

To download or update sales funnels with stages, you need to call:

 POST https://api.wazzup24.com/v3/pipelines
Request parameters
Parameter Type Description
id any Id funnel, no more than 100 characters
name string Funnel name, which will be displayed in the integration settings, no more than 100 characters
stages object Array with funnel stages
stages.id string Funnel stage identifier, max 100 characters
stages.name string Name of the funnel stage, no more than 100 characters

If there are no stages in the CRM, but there are several “funnels”, the stages property should be absent.

If stages exists, but equals an empty array, an error will occur.
Request example
 curl --location --request POST


' \

--header 'Authorization: Basic c8cf90444023482f909520d454368d27 \

--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \

--data-raw '[


{ "id": "3455",

{ "name": "main sales funnel",

{ "stages": [


"id": "1",

{ "name": "entered the site",



{ "id": "2",

{ "name": "registered",



{ "id": "3",

{ "name": "bought the full version"





Obtaining the list of loaded funnels

To retrieve the list of loaded funnels you need to call:

 GET https://api.wazzup24.com/v3/pipelines
Request example
 curl --location --request DELETE

"https://api.wazzup24.com/v3/pipelines" \

--header 'Authorization: Basic c8cf90444023482f909520d454368d27