Connection methods

There are three ways to interact with the Wazzup API:


API KEY should be used for debugging integrations before publishing to the integration store or for non-public integrations. The API KEY can be obtained independently from the Wazzup private office.

  1. To get the API KEY you need to:
  2. Register at
  3. Add a Channel
  4. Go to the “Integrations” section in your personal cabinet settings.
  5. Choose “API integration”.
  6. Copy the API KEY.

2. wAuth

The system is inspired by OAuth2.0, but technically it is not. This connection method should be used by every technical partner who wants to publish to our integration store. Informally Wauth is needed not to make the user copy and paste API keys, but to connect the integration “on the button”. Read more here.

3. sidecar API KEY

Sidecar API KEY is an API KEY that is generated when you create an integration with Kommo and Bitrix. This key can be used if there is a need to refine our existing integration. For example, you can connect Wazzup to your notification system or CDP to implement triggered mailings, while using an Kommo or Bitrix integration.

The Sidecar API KEY only works in those routers:

— GET /channels — get channel list;

— POST /sendMessage — sending messages. In this case, in the chats in the personal cabinet the message will look like sent from the “mother” PSA;

— GET /webhooks — get the set address for the webhook;

— PATCH /webhooks — set address for the webhook.

If you set the address for webhooks they will come as described in the instructions.