Migration of API v2 users to API v3

For technical partners who have clients using API v2 integration, it is necessary to migrate such clients to API v3-supported integration.

Main migration pipeline:

  1. You need to have a working integration on API v3 that is published in the Wazzup Marketplace
  2. When ready to migrate, you need to use POST https://api.wazzup24.com/v3/migration to switch webhooks in users using API v2
  3. Start using API v3 methods for the selected users, instead of API v2 methods. In this case you need to use the same KEY client API that was used to send requests to API v2 for authorization

Method for switching webhooks API v2 to v3

To switch webhooks from API v2 to API v3 at a particular client, you need to call:

 POST https://api.wazzup24.com/v3/migration

In the header you need to pass API KEY technical partner

The body of the request must contain JSON with the values of the following parameters:

Parameter Type Description
clientApiKey String API key of the selected client, which was used to send API v2 requests
webhooksUri String URL, to which webhooks will be sent
subscriptions Object An object with subscriptions to two types of webhooks. Absence is similar to False
subscriptions.messagesAndStatuses Boolean Subscribing to webhooks about messages and their statuses
subscriptions.contactsAndDealsCreation Boolean Subscribing to webhooks about creating entities

You may notice that only one client can be migrated per query —> if the technical partner has N clients, you need to make N queries