How to avoid being blocked on Telegram

Why Telegram bans, how often you can write to new contacts, and what happened to our account for mailing.

How to understand that an account is blocked

If your account is banned, you will not be able to write to new contacts. But you can reply to incoming messages and chat with users who already have your number saved in their contacts.

Why an account can be blocked

There are two reasons: spamming or texting first by the number too often.

Ban for spam

Telegram blocks when users mark a message as spam. It does not matter if there is correspondence with the person. So you should be careful when dealing with current customers.

The same goes for messages in groups, comments on channels and invitations to group chats — all of these acttions can be reported.

How long does the blocking last:

The first blocking lasts a day or several days. If people continue to complain about the account, the terms will increase. And then the account can be banned forever.

Our account, the messages from which the addressees complained, was blocked for the first time for a day.

Ban for mailing new contacts

How blocking for mailings works, we checked it on our own. We found out that it is better not to write more than once every 3 minutes.

How long does the blocking last:

All 3 accounts from which we made the newsletter were blocked for a week. One of them was new, used only for mailing. Two more corresponded before they started testing bans.

How to avoid a ban

  1. Don’t spam users and send customers what they will definitely be interested in. In short, personalize offers.
  2. Write to the phone number no more than once every 3 minutes. So your activity will not seem suspicious.
  3. Write first by username — Telegram does not ban for this.

What to do if the account is blocked

Write to @SpamBot. Moderators will check why you were blocked.

If the account was banned by mistake, it will be unblocked.

If the blocking was justified, you will have to wait. The bot will indicate in its message how long the ban will last.