Channels’ statuses

The status of the channel shows if everything is fine with it and what needs to be done to resume work.

Active is the best state. It means everything works well. Only this state allows you to send messages. 

Disabled – it means that you have disconnected your channel from the service and no messages are coming. To enable the channel, go to the settings, and click “Enable channel”.

Not paid – you have run out of money on your balance. Refill your account balance and active channels will start to work again. All frozen messages will be sent after activation. To receive notifications about your balance status add an administrator in the settings.

QR-scan needed – appears in new channels and if “Log out from all devices” button was pressed on your phone. Click the link and scan the code.

Opened somewhere else – someone has logged in WhatsApp Web using this number. Click “Use here” to resume. If it does not work, log in to your WhatsApp and click “Log out from all devices” and then scan the QR code again.

Phone not available – phone battery is dead or the internet is missing. Check your phone. After you switch on your phone or the Internet, the service will start within three minutes. All frozen messages will be sent after activation.

In order to receive timely notifications about changes in the channel status, set up the notifications