How to work with WABA templates in chats

When a WhatsApp Business API (WABA) template passes moderation, it can be sent to customers.

WABA templates are used to start conversations. A conversation is all the messages you and your client send to each other within 24 hours. Conversation is opened when your message is delivered — that’s when the payment for it is deducted.

You can also send templates to active conversation with your client. Depending on which message started it, the template can start another paid 24-hour conversation in parallel.

👉 How WABA conversation is paid and how much it costs

Lifehack: if the client wrote first or you already have an active conversation, send Wazzup templates — they go away as regular messages, so the conversation will be cheaper or free of charge.

👉 How to work with Wazzup templates

How to send a template

To send a WABA template from a Wazzup chat, go to the dialogue and select a template from the list. Also if there is no active 24-hour conversation with the client, you can enter the text of the message and send it using an empty template. If there is, the text from the input line will leave as a normal message.

If the template contains variables, fill in the fields, otherwise, the template will not be sent. If you want to leave the variable field empty, put a space.

[textbox id=’warning’]

If you send a WABA template of one of the categories for the first time in 24 hours, the money for starting a 24-hour conversation will be deducted from your balance. Including if you use empty templates, which we automatically send for approval.

The cost of conversation depends on the category of the template. To see which category a template belongs to, go to the “Templates” section  → WABA Templates → click on the “pencil” next to the desired template.


How to fill in variables

Everything is simple — just enter the text. But take into account the features that affect the view of the message in the chat.

Variables are needed to tailor the message to different clients. They are not designed for a large amount of text, so variables cannot be indented. This means that it will not be possible to make a large text convenient for the client.

If you add hyphens or tab characters, they will disappear after the template is sent. Therefore, it is better to make the text in variables shorter, and after the client’s response, send the expanded text in regular messages.

How to send out templates automatically

WABA templates can be sent out automatically, but it is important not to bore the client. If he considers the message to be spam, he can complain about it. If there are many complaints from different clients about one message, Meta will block your template.

To send out the template, you will need CRM tools: Salesbot in Kommo and Business Processes or Robots in Bitrix24.

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