Salesbot sends multiple messages to one contact

The old way of working with WABA templates in the bot is described here. It’s still working, but there is an easier and faster solution — send templates using the “Wazzup Message” step in Salesbot. Spoiler alert: you won’t have to mess with the code there.

Sometimes Salesbot sends several messages to one number or the same message to different contact numbers. This is due to the fact that several dialogs have been created with a specific client and the bot cannot understand that they are all associated with the same contact.

Why Salesbot sends multiple messages

To create a chat with a client, you need to click on the phone number in the contact card and select “whatsappWZ” in the drop-down menu. A new chat will be created every time you click “whatsappWZ” in Komm0. In the WhatsApp application and in the Wazzup personal account, this will be one chat, and for Kommo, these will be different conversations.

The same situation is true for several numbers in the contact card. If you first click on the number and select “whatsappWZ” on one number, and then repeat it for another number, then the contact will have several chats.

How to fix the error sending multiple messages

To prevent Salesbot from sending multiple messages, you need to detach unnecessary chats from the contact. To do this, click on the “whatsappWZ” button under the contact’s name, select “Detach chat” in the drop-down list and reload the page. The detached chat conversation will disappear from the contact’s chat, but it will remain in the Wazzup personal account and in WhatsApp.

The “Detach chat” lines in the drop-down menu are in the same order in which the conversations were created. In the screenshot below, the middle line “Detach chat” corresponds to “Conversation # A28” in the chat window, the top line is “Conversation # A27”, and the bottom line is “Conversation # A29”. This way you can detach the least informative conversations and leave the most important one.

The drop-down menu of the “whatsappWZ” button will be exactly the same for a contact who has created several conversations for different numbers. The drop-down menu will not indicate in any way which number corresponds to the “Detach chat” line. If you want Salesbot to send a message to a specific number, unpin all chats and create a conversation for that number.