How to work with WhatsApp calls

You can’t take calls through Wazzup, so any call will be missed.  

A message about a missed call from a client will appear in the Wazzup chat and in the CRM chat, but only if a dialogue has already been created. If there is no dialogue, the missed call will not be displayed. 

The CRM chat will receive a message about the call as “=== SYSTEM WZ === Missed call”.

If you reset the incoming call from the phone, the missed call message will not come.

There is an auto-reply on missed calls in Wazzup: “Hello. We were unable to take your call. But we will certainly respond if you write”.

You can change the text of the message that goes to customers in your personal account, or turn off the auto-reply on a missed call altogether.

👉 How to work with autoresponders

Turning off autoresponse is still not recommended. If you can’t call or write back quickly, the customer will think you’re ignoring them and will go to your competitors.