How to send a file via “SMS/WhatsApp” and Bitrix24 Automation rules

This article explains how to send a file via “SMS/WhatsApp” from a lead card, Automation rules and two activities in Business Processes:

  • [Wazzup] Send a WhatsApp message from a specific channel,
  • [Wazzup] Send a WhatsApp message from the responsible person’s channel.

In these, you can send files up to 10 MB with a link to those files. The service downloads the content and forwards the document. Therefore, the client will not receive the link — only the attachment will be displayed in the chat.

If you are creating a Business Process template for the first time, rather than customizing an existing one, you can use our new activity “Automatic sending of template messages”. There you can select and attach a file like in messenger, not via a link.

How to send a file using a link

1. Prepare a link to the file:

Send the file via Wazzup chat to your number or customer’s number → right-click the file → copy its URL.

2. Add the link in the text of the message. Enclose all links in square brackets [ ]. It should look like this:


3. Done. The file can be sent to the client.

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