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How to work with Mexican numbers in Bitrix24

WhatsApp and Bitrix24 have different requirements for the format of Mexican numbers, so there are peculiarities in working with them. We will talk about them further on.

A little background:
 Mexico there are 2 formats of phone numbers:

  • +521-xx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx -the old format of 13 digits
  • +52-xx-xxxxxx-xxxx -a new format of 12 digits

WhatsApp only works with the full international format that is, the old format in the case of Mexico. Wazzup chats work the same way.

Bitrix24, on the other hand, works with short Mexican numbers. 

What these differences affect:

  • In Bitrix24, a customer’s Mexican number will be recorded in short format. When you start a chat with this customer, the number will be displayed in Wazzup in long format — this is normal.
    A Wazzup chat with a long number will be associated with a contact, Bitrix24 transaction, although in CRM the customer number is in short format.
  • In the Wazzup chat window, regardless of the operator, you should search Mexican numbers in long format. If you enter a short number in the search, you will not find anything.
  • You can create a new dialog in Wazzup only with a number in long format. In Bitrix24 this number will be pulled up in short format.