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How to send messages using CRM Marketing in Bitrix24

Bitrix24 allows you to make mailings in the CRM Marketing section. Messages can be sent to WhatsApp and Telegram.

If you plan to do mailings, don’t go overboard and be careful. Remember that if the recipient doesn’t like the message, they may block you. 

Messages will leave the channel of the employee who launched the newsletter. If he does not have access to the channels, the newsletter will not go out.

If an employee has access to several channels, then messages will be sent to clients with priority.

👉 How to choose a priority channel

1. In the “Start” tab → under “Create Campaign”, select “SMS Campaign”. Although we choose this type, the messages will still go to messengers.

2. Select a campaign template.

3. In the “Send” section, select [Wazzup] WhatsApp message or [Wazzup] Telegram message depending on the channel from which you want to send letters.

4. Enter the text of the message and select the mailing settings → click “Save”.

5. Select the time at which you want to send the newsletter → click “Save”.