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Notifications about incoming messages in Bitrix24

In the right panel of Bitrix24 you can find the chat with the Wazzup bot — it receives notifications about new messages. The chat is created automatically when you install the Wazzup application.

Notifications from the bot will be sent to each person responsible for a contact, lead, or deal. If no responsible person is assigned, notification about the message will go to all managers who have the “Receives new clients” slider enabled in p. 2 “Choose roles for employees” of integration settings. If the additional setting p. 3 “Notify managers of all messages” is enabled, notifications will also be sent to all employees with the “manager” role.

The principle of working with the notification chat is that the chat must be empty. Only customers who have not yet been answered are displayed in the chat. As soon as someone replies to a client, the line disappears from the notification chat. If there is no reply needed, click on the red envelope in the chat with the client to reset the notification of unanswered messages. Then the line with the client will disappear from the notification chat and will not distract anyone.