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Bitrix24 widget

Bitrix24 widget on your site is a “button” by pressing on which the user can see the list of available tools. Now, besides the built-in tools, you can also add “Wazzup” into it. The function is only available for the accounts working with Open Channels.

Connecting the widget:

Log into your account and choose a channel in Open Channels.

Refresh the page and check the connector’s activity in the “Contact Center” section. An active connectors should look like this:

Go to the widget settings as shown in the picture. You can add a new widget or edit an existing one.

In the “Channels connected to the widget” section, put a tick next to the WhatsApp icon. In the same section, adjust the distribution of new requests among employees, the position of the widget on your site, the icon color etc.

On the same page, you can find the ready-to-use code to embed Wazzup. The rest depends on how your site was created. If you created it in a builder, find the block to add HTML.

Let’s look at Tilda constructor for example: open the Block Library → Other → Add Block T123 → Content.

If the site was coded directly in HTML, put the copied code into <body>.

After uploading the code / publishing, your site will have a Wazzup widget with a button. Upon clicking on it, your clients will be tranferred to your WhatsApp channel chat.

What to do if you don’t work with Open Channels?

WhatsApp has a feature to create direct links for chats. This “Direct Message” feature works in both the mobile app and WhatsApp Web.

To create a link, input<number>.

Replace the <number> part with the phone number you need using the full international format. Do not add any zeroes, parentheses or hyphens/dashes. The phone number should be linked to an active WhatsApp account.


You can create a link with a message. The message will be displayed in the chat automatically when a user clicks on the link.

To create such a link, use the following template:, where whatsappphonenumber is the phone number in the full international format, and urlencodedtext is a previously URL-encoded message of your choice.


After creating the link:

a. Embed the link into your site’s code;
b. Add the communication button in your site’s builder and attach the link to it.