How to add a Kommo feedback button to your site

A feedback button is an embedded messenger for your site. The workflow is the same as if a client was writing in your WhatsApp from their phone. You can create a button, edit it, and choose it from your Kommo account.

The button source can only be added to one funnel, and the same is true for the button itself. If you are working with several funnels, you should decide which of them is the most logical choice to send requests from your site to.

How to add a button to your site

In the “Deals” section, go to the chosen funnel’s settings and click “Add source” in the left panel to add the deal source.

A window will appear containing deal sources. Find the “CRM Plugin” source and click “Add source”.

A window will open to add the button. In the window, you will be able to configure the location of the button and its parameters:

To add a WhatsApp channel into the button, click the WhatsApp icon:

After that, it will move to the right part of the field. Click the WhatsApp icon and go to the settings.

A window will appear. Click “Add” under the Wazzup widget.

Kommo will throw an error:

This is a bug, and we are currently fixing it. Close the window and save the changes in the button creation window:

After that, the “Button for site” element will appear in the left side of the panel. This means that the button is ready to use. To change its settings or copy the embed code, click on it:

In the settings window, copy the code and paste it into the HTML markup of your page.

As a result, an Kommo button will appear on your site containing WhatsApp. By clicking on it, your client will be redirected to WhatsApp Web or the desktop version.