How to reply to incoming messages using Salesbot

Here we tell you how to reply to incoming messages using Salesbot. If you want to create a chat from a WhatsApp, Telegram or WABA you can do it by Wazzup widget in Salesbot

Salesbot is a bot that can be programmed to perform certain actions. For example, reply to the first customer’s message. 

Salesbot can only send a message to a user with whom a deal has already been created. Since “Incoming leads” is not a stage of a deal, you can’t send a message to a customer from “Incoming leads”.

How to create a Salesbot

1. Go to the “Leads” section → select a pipeline → click “Automate”.

2. Click on the empty box below the stage where the bot should act → select Salesbot

This will open the bot’s settings. Select:

  • the event that will trigger the bot,
  • time at which the bot will be triggered. 

You can also add a condition for the bot to send a message to a contact from the lead. 

In our example, the bot will be triggered when the lead has moved to the “Offer made” stage. It will be triggered always and for all leads that have been moved to the selected stage.

3. After that click “+ Create a new bot”. 

4. The bot editor will open. In the “Add next step” panel, select “Message”.

5. Chose where to write and from which channels.

6. Enter the text your clients will receive after moving to this particular funnel stage.

If you want to send a media file in a message, insert a link to the file in [square brackets] in the Salesbot text box. Your client will get an image, not the link.

7. As a next step chose “Stop bot”.

8. Save your settings in the upper right corner of the window. Now, when lead is moved to the funnel, a message will go to the client.



Salesbot sends messages to all messengers in the lead

Salesbot does not know where to write and where not to write, so it sends messages to all applications that are added to the lead.

To unpin a chat from the lead, click on its icon under the client’s name, select “Detach chat” in the drop-down list and reload the page.

All information will remain in contact and will be detached only from the selected deal.