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How to migrate a WABA number to Wazzup from another service

To migrate a WABA number to Wazzup, you need to:
– Create a WABA channel in your Wazzup account. This takes about 5-10 minutes;
– Pass some data to support.

Let’s see how to do it right.

1. Login to the Channels section of your Wazzup account.

2. Click “Add Channel” → WhatsApp → WABA → a new tab will open in your browser.

Here you need to check the box, and then click on the blue button below it.

3. A new browser window with Facebook will open → log in to Facebook in this window.

If nothing opens, check that:

  • pop-ups in the browser are not blocked,
  • extensions that change the appearance of the page have been disabled. For example, translators, or ad blockers.

4. Click “Get Started.”

5. Click “Continue”.

6. Select the Meta business account that is connected with the number you want to transfer to Wazzup → click “Next”.

7. Click “Create a new WhatsApp Business account” → Next.

8. Fill in the company information.

  • WABA account name — this name will only be visible in the Facebook account, customers will not see it. You can enter whatever you like.
  • Display name — here you can also enter any name you want, because we connect the “blank” channel. You will need it only to create a WABA account.
  • Time zone.
  • Category — you can choose any category.

Click “Next”.

9. Now enter any non-existent number, which looks like a real number by its format. For example, +1 234 567 89 10. It is only needed at the moment of creating WABA-account, after that you can delete it.

Leave the SMS as a confirmation method.

Click “Next”.

10. Next, you will see a window with an error — it’s OK. Because the number we specified does not exist.

The account for the migration has been created. You can safely close the window with an error.

Next, it all depends on your WhatsApp Business API provider. They are different in different services for messenger integration. If you don’t know the name of the provider, you can check it with the support of the service where you worked with WABA.

1. Disable two-factor authentication on your WABA account. To do this, contact the support of the service you are using now.

2. Contact our support. Explain to the support that you are migrating and send these details:

  • The phone number you're porting to us.
  • Facebook Business Manager ID, WhatsApp Business Account ID* (not WABA Channel External ID!), and WhatsApp Display Name. You can ask for these details from your last provider or from the support of the service where you connected WABA.
  • WABA account ID and name, and payment method data.

Where to find the ID and name of the WABA account, information about the payment method

Go to Facebook Business Manager. Select the WhatsApp Business account you've created. Save its name and ID — this is what our support needs.

Next, in the "Settings" tab, check the "Payment Method" field. If it says KEYREPLY PTE. LTD. everything is fine. If "Payment method is not found" is indicated, send a screenshot of this field to the support team.