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WABA template categories

When submitting templates for verification, you must specify a category. If you choose the category incorrectly, the template may not be approved. Then you will have to change the category and resend the template for moderation.


This category includes marketing messages, For example: 

— messages about discounts and new products, 

— personal recommendations,

— brand news and so on.

Dear {contactName}! You bought a {phoneModel} from us recently. We are glad to inform you that you get a 20% discount for headsets and covers this month! 

See you in our store 🙂

For some templates in this category, we recommend adding an unsubscribe button. This way the client is less likely to send the template to spam.

One-time passwords

This category includes one-time codes for confirming transactions, logging into your account, etc.

Use the code {code} to log in to the Distrust app. Don’t share it with anyone, just in case!

Alerts, reminders, questions for clients

Send account updates, order updates, alerts, and more to share important information.

Dear {contactName}! {carColor}{carModel}{carRegCode} is waiting for you. Don’t forget to wear your mask.

Have a good trip!

“Good riddance” cab.


Wow! {contactName}, you have just purchased a wonderful {productName} in our online store!

We’re packing it carefully now, and our ponies will deliver it within a week. Watch for alerts.

Don’t forget to show your passport when you receive it.



Good afternoon! This is {managerName} from Boomer Merch. Couldn’t get a hold of you. Can you tell me when would be a good time to talk to you?

{In half an hour} {Tomorrow} {Call me now}