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WABA template categories

When submitting templates for verification, you must specify a category. If you choose the category incorrectly, the template may not be approved. Then you will have to change the category and resend the template for moderation.

Actions with the account

(Account update)

This category includes notifications about actions with the user’s account:

— account creation;

— changing profile settings;

— changing or saving account settings;

— requesting to change the password;

— registration confirmation, etc.


Hello, {contactName}! You have registered on the “World is tough” website. 

To activate your account, follow the link we sent you in the email, or click {Go!}

Hello, {contactName}! You would like to change your {dealName} email address.

{Confirm email change}   {Decline}   {Report to support}

Hi, {contactName}!

We’ve updated our app: added a couple of features and fixed a dozen bugs. Working like bees to offer the best service and the most advanced solutions, our dear customer.


Automatic messages

(Auto reply)

A category with automatic replies to incoming messages:

— a message that the company is not working right now and you will be answered shortly;

— a greeting message to the client, etc.


Hi! Our managers are resting now. When they get some sleep and clean up, they’ll be able to bring joy and happiness into the world again from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Your message is saved and we will answer during working hours. 

Kisses to all in this chat.


💳 “Card” — for applying for the “Profit” card

📝 “Record” — for signing up for service at the office

🙋‍♀️ “Support” to open a dialog with a support operator

Payment information

(Payment Update)

Messages related to order payment:

— sending a cashier’s check;

— information about payment receipt;

— message about the refund for the returned order;

— notifications about the invoice, etc.


Hello {clientName}!

We have received your {orderCode} order payment, we will package your new {productName} and our ponies will deliver it safely by {deliveryDate}. You can track your package via {trackerNumber}.

Financial transactions

(Personal finance update)

Messages about the user’s financial transactions:

— a reminder to pay a bill;

— a reminder about a scheduled payment;

— a notification when money has been transferred to the account;

— information about debiting or transferring money from the account;

— information about interest accrual on the deposit, etc.

Usually, templates of this category are used by insurance companies and banks.


You will be charged a fee of 99 rubles for *{last4Numbers} card maintenance. Learn more at

We inform you about the upcoming date of payment on the credit {creditDate}. You can pay in your personal cabinet or at the bank’s cash desk.

Shipping information

(Shipping update)

Notifications about the delivery status:

— item shipped;

— the order is in sorting;

— the order has been delivered;

— delivery is delayed, etc.


{clientName}, your order has been shipped by {transportCompany}. Tracker to track the package {trackNumber}. Approximate delivery date of the order: {deliveryDate}.

If you have any questions about delivery, write to our logistician +7922 688-44-64.

“Pancakes and hedgehogs” online store.

Booking information

(Reservation update)

Messages about everything related to hotel reservations, tours, car rentals, restaurant reservations:

— booking confirmation;

— changing the time of the car rental;

— cancellation of reservations, etc.


Thank you for choosing Kaluga Resort Spa! Your {roamType} will be waiting for you {chekinDate}. Check-in is from 13:00 to 17:00. If you plan to check-in at another time, please let the reception know +7 922 688-44-64. 

Kaluga is waiting for you!

Appointment or event notification

(Appointment update)

Notifications about changes in the status of an event, appointment:

— confirmation of an appointment for a checkup;

— change of appointment time;

— reminder about the time of a visit to the hairdresser’s;

— reminder of an upcoming lecture, etc.


Good afternoon, {contactName}! 

You have an appointment on {appointmentDate} at {appointmentTime} to have your {clientCar} inspected. We look forward to meeting you in fifteen minutes at our garage at {ourAdress}. 

See you there!

Information for passengers

(Transportation update)

Messages with passenger information:

— flight cancellation notification;

— a change in the departure time of a plane or train;

— a reminder of the departure time;

— information about the arrival of the bus, etc.


Hello, {passName}! 

We are shocked, but your luggage went to {wrongLocation}. We will send it to the right place on the next flight. Please write back with the delivery address, and our courier will deliver it safely.

We apologize, this won’t happen again.

Malfunctions and problems

(Issue Resolution)

Reporting of service malfunctions or problems with an order:

— alerting users when a service is unavailable or broken;

— suggestion to call back because of the problem;

— clarification of the problem with the customer;

— suggesting options for solving the problem, etc.


We are observing technical problems and are already fixing them. We’ll bring the service up in 15 minutes. 

Sorry for the inconvenience.

It’s fixed. Everything should be up and running. If anyone is still having trouble accessing the service, click the button below. 

{Houston, we have a problem!}

Please call us back. We have an urgent {problemDescription} question about your buffet.

“Imperium” Restaurant.

Ticket alerts

(Ticket Updates)

Messages about the status of customer requests:

— notification that an appeal has been accepted for work;

— message with the information that as a result of the appeal will be done so-and-so;

— clarification that we will request additional information and give an answer in such a time, etc.


Good afternoon! We have forwarded your request to the manufacturer and as soon as we get a reply from them, we will write to you. 

Thank you, your

General alerts

(Alert Update).

If your template does not fit into any other category – choose this one. This includes:

— hook messages to open a 24-hour window;

— sending pricelists and commercial offers;

— a message that you couldn’t get through, etc.


Dear {contactName}! {carColor}{carModel}{carRegCode} is waiting for you. Don’t forget to wear your mask.

Have a good trip!

“Good riddance” cab.

Wow! {contactName}, you have just purchased a wonderful {productName} in our online store!

We’re packing it carefully now, and our ponies will deliver it within a week. Watch for alerts.

Don’t forget to show your passport when you receive it, without your passport the ponies won’t give the package to anyone, they are tough with us.


Good afternoon! This is {managerName} from Boomer Merch. Couldn’t get a hold of you. Can you tell me when would be a good time to talk to you?

{In half an hour} {Tomorrow} {Call me now}