How to connect Telegram

You can connect as many Telegram accounts as you want to Wazzup. On each account, chats are distributed to the right employees, and the manager controls the correspondence.

For most companies, one account is enough, but some companies need multiple accounts because they have:

Multiple branches. For example, a chain of beauty salons, where each salon needs a separate number. Employees won't have to distribute requests across branches — customers will write to the right place at once.

Several departments. For example, sales departments should have one Telegram account, and HR should have another Telegram account. Then job seekers will go to HR, and clients will go to salespeople.

Different groups of customers that are handled by different people. For example, retail customers are handled by some salespeople and wholesale customers by others.

Each seller has a different number. This is the case for those guys who handle large deals, like real estate or car sales, and work with the client personally. They usually have business cards with their personal number on them.

If you don’t already have a Telegram account, register it for the number your clients already call. Then they can call and text to the same number.

How to connect Telegram to Wazzup

1. Go to the “Channels” section → “Add a channel”.

2. Select Telegram → Telegram Personal.

3. Scan the QR code. If you have enabled two-factor authentication — enter your password → “Done”.

Once added, the channel will appear in the channel list.

Within 30 seconds, the last three message dialogs will be loaded. The rest of the chats will be loaded when new messages appear: you write to the client or they write to you.

Next, connect Wazzup to your CRM:

If you’re planning to work with Telegram group chats, make the chat public before anyone sends the first message. After that, you can close it back to private if you need to. Read more about these nuances in the article about group chats.