How to connect WhatsApp

You will need a phone with the WhatsApp app or WhatsApp Business to connect.

You can connect as many WhatsApp numbers as you like to Wazzup. On each number, chats are allocated to the right employees and the manager controls the correspondence.

Most companies need just one number, but some companies need several numbers because they have

Several branches. For example, a chain of beauty salons, where each salon needs a separate number. Employees won't have to distribute requests to branches - clients will write to the right place;

Several departments. For example, the sales department would have one WhatsApp account, and HR would have another WhatsApp account; then job applicants would go to HR, and clients would go to sales.

Different groups of customers that different people work with. For example, retail customers are handled by some salespeople and wholesalers by others;

Each manager has a different number. This is the case for those guys who handle big deals, like selling real estate or cars, and work with the client personally. They usually have business cards with a personal number on them.   

If you don’t already have a WhatsApp account, sign it up for the number your clients already call (even a landline will do). That way they can call and text to the same number.

  1. Open the WhatsApp application on your phone → "Accept and continue".
  2. Enter your phone number → "Next".
  3. Tap "OK".
  4. Wait a minute for the buttons to become active.
  5. Select "Call me".
  6. Press "Not now".
  7. Accept the call and enter the code that the robot will dictate.

Done, you have added a landline number to WhatsApp.

If you’ve just registered a WhatsApp account or if you logged into the account from another phone before connecting to the service — you should correspond in the messenger from your phone within a day. It’s enough to communicate with 10-15 people.

How to connect WhatsApp to Wazzup

If you connect a new number to Wazzup right away, you risk getting banned. To avoid it you should text from your WhatsApp app for 24 hours without connecting to our service. You can write anything and anyone you want. 10-15 active chats are enough.

1. Go to Channels → Add Channel.

2. Choose WhatsApp → WhatsApp.

3. Scan the QR code.

Once added, the channel will appear in the “Channel List”.

Within 30 seconds, the last three chats with messages will be uploaded. The rest of the chats will be loaded when you’ll get new messages in them: you text the client or they text you.

To keep the channel running steadily, open WhatsApp on your phone once every couple of weeks. If you don’t, WhatsApp will unlog you out of Wazzup and other related devices. Then you’ll have to reconnect the channel.

When you add your first WhatsApp channel, you have a three-day test period. You can use the service for free and test the features without restrictions.

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