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How to connect the official WhatsApp (WABA)

To activate official WhatsApp, simply add a number in your personal Wazzup account — it takes 10 minutes. Right after that you will be able to test the service.

You can connect as many official WhatsApp numbers as you want to Wazzup. On each number, chats are allocated to the right employees, and the supervisor controls the correspondence.

Adding a WABA channel in Wazzup personal account

If you don’t finish setting up the channel in Meta right away, that’s okay. Later you can go back to where you stopped. To do this, click on the “Continue connecting WABA” link in the “Channels” section.

1. Login to the “Channels” section of your Wazzup account.

2. Click “Add Channel” → WhatsApp → WABA → Continue Adding → a new tab will open in your browser.

3. Agree to terms and conditions and click “Connect Facebook Business Account/Add WhatsApp number”.

4. A new browser window with Facebook will open → log in to Facebook in this window.

If nothing opens, check that:

  • pop-ups in the browser are not blocked,
  • extensions that change the appearance of the page have been disabled. For example, translators, or ad blockers.

5. Click “Get Started.”

6. Click “Continue”.

7. Select a Meta Business Account or create a new one.

If you already have a Meta Business account, select it, click Continue, and go to step 8.

8. Select an existing WhatsApp Business Account or create a new one.

To create a new account, you must specify:

  • the username for the account,
  • the display name of the profile,
  • time zone,
  • category.

The username for the account won’t be seen by your clients. You need it to distinguish one account from another if you have more than one.

The display will be seen on your WhatsApp profile. Name must match the legal name of the company or the name in the header and footer of your site.

If the name is incorrect, you will not be able to write first to more than 50 clients in 24 hours. But you can reply to incoming messages without limits. 

So if you plan to do mailings and often write first, it is better to immediately specify the display name as required by Meta.

The main requirement is that the display name must refer to your company. This is what Meta checks.

If the display name matches the legal name one to one, everything is a okay, Meta will approve it.

If the display name does not match the legal name, Meta checks your site. The name must match the one indicated in the header and footer of the site.

Don't edit the name. Do not remove words, do not add new ones, do not add emojis.

Exception: Only words that indicate the location of the company, a specific department or its function can be added to the name. For example, when you create separate profiles for different branches.

In some cases, it will not be possible to include your company name in the display name, because Meta does not allow you to use:

  • General terms. For example, "Umbrellas", "Textiles" and so on.
  • Cities, countries, regions. For example, you cannot simply write “Moscow” or “Europe” in the name.
  • Slogan or long description,
  • Names printed only in lowercase letters or LIKE THIS, through Caps.

For such cases, there is a life hack:

  1. Think up and specify the name you want to use in the profile.
  2. Before verification, change the name of the company on the site to the one indicated in the profile. This is just for a few days, while the verification is in progress.
  3. Submit the company for verification. When it finishes, Meta will immediately start checking the profile name.
  4. When the name is confirmed, you can return the original name to site. 

You can specify company description and website on this step, or you can specify it later in your Wazzup account.

Click “Next”.

9. Add a WhatsApp Business number.

Please note that the selected number must not have neither a regular personal WhatsApp account, nor a WhatsApp Business account.

Once you’ve added a phone number to WhatsApp Business, don’t add that number to the WhatsApp application on your phone!

If you add the WABA channel number to the app on your phone, the WABA channel will stop working!

Select a confirmation method. You will need to enter a 6-digit code to confirm the phone. You can get the code in a text message or by a call from the robot. SMS is better.

Click “Next”.

10. Enter the code and press “Next”.

11. Click “OK”.

The WABA channel will appear as “Active” in your Wazzup account

When you add your first WABA channel, you have a three-day test period. You can use the service for free and test its features.

If you do not have a verified company, you can start first only 50 conversations per day after — this is Facebook’s limitation. You can reply to incoming messages as much as you like.

If you’re planning to write first more often do mailings, verify your company and display name in Meta. After verification you will be able to initiate 1000 conversations per day, and with time you will be able to increase the number of available conversations.

You do not have to verify your company right after connecting the channel. You can do it later.

If you have verified your company in Meta and added one more channel, you will be able to send 1000 messages per day right away. You do not have to go through verification again.

Once you have connected WABA, go to configuring the integration: Bitrix24, Kommo.