Wazzup справка и инструкция по сервису

Requirements for attachments

The limit for all attachments when sending from CRM chat is 10 MB.
The following restrictions apply when sending an attachment from the Wazzup widget and mobile app:

WhatsApp Web

The maximum size of an attachment is 50 MB.

WhatsApp API

Documents .pdf, .do*, .xl, .ppt, .sx*, .od* — 100 MB;
Images .jpeg, .jpg, .png — 5 MB;
Audio .aac, .mp4, .amr, .mpeg — 16 MB;
Voice messages .ogg; codecs=opus — 16 MB;
Video .mp4, .3gpp – 16 MB. Only the H.264 video codec and AAC audio codec are supported. Only videos with a single audio stream are supported.


Images .jpg, .jpeg — 30 MB;
Video .mp4 — 50 MB.


Documents .pdf, .zip, .gif — 20 MB;
Images .jpeg, .jpg, .png — 5 MB;
Audio .mp3, .m4a — 20 MB;
Voice messages .ogg — 1 MB, if more than 1 MB, the voice message is sent as a file;
Video .mp4 — 20 MB.
Telegram text message length should not exceed 4096 characters, but captions to attachments should not exceed 1024 characters.


Documents in all formats, except .mp3 and .exe — 50 MB;
Images jpg, png, gif — 50 MB;
Audio .mp3 — 50 MB