How to correspond with customers through Wazzup

Wazzup chat is an additional interface inside CRM with Wazzup dialogs. When you go to the chat through the button on the left panel of Kommo, a window with all the dialogs will open. When you go to the chat by clicking the “Wazzup” button in the upper right corner from the contact, lead or deal card, only dialogs with contacts from this deal will be displayed in the chat.

Wazzup chat will help to keep correspondence without interruptions, eliminate the loss of clients due to carelessness and reduce the time for routine actions.

Don’t waste leads

Stable connection

When working in Kommo chat, messages are first processed by our service, and then by Kommo. In the event of an Kommo failure, we will not be able to influence the operation of the service in any way. When working in the Wazzup chat, only we are engaged in message processing. This increases the stability of the service and therefore the likelihood of downtime for the sales department decreases.

Can’t lose your message

We have no unread messages, there are unanswered ones. Not a single dialogue with a customer who has not been answered can disappear from the list of dialogues due to inattention.

More on the unanswered counter

The senior sees all the dialogues at once

The senior manager does not need to go to every deal card to look at the dialogues between managers and clients. He sees all dialogs and all unanswered ones in one window. So he can quickly assess how managers are communicating with customers.

All available dialogs in one window

There is no need to wait for a deal card to load to respond to a customer message. All dialogs that are available to the manager are in the Wazzup chat window.

Group chats

You can join a group conversation if you need multiple people on your side or on the client side to reconcile.

Don’t waste time on routine activities

Audio messages without download

Audio messages come with the player — you can listen to them immediately from the chat.

Message templates with file attachments

Templates will help save time and eliminate mistakes on the part of managers when answering frequently asked questions. In addition, so that you do not manually attach the same file each time, you can attach it once when creating or editing a template. For example, you can attach a contract or an image with directions to the template.

How to add a template

Fast switching between deals

Switching between deals with a client, including completed ones, and creating a new one takes two clicks.

Work conveniently

Message statuses

The status will show if messages are reaching and being read by the client.

Reply to a comment on Instagram

If you want all users to see the reply to the comment on the post, then you can reply with a mention of the author.

Reply to a specific message on WhatsApp

The manager can choose from which number to write

The manager is not tied to any one number and can work both from his own number and from a common one. If the manager leaves for a meeting, then he can continue to work in WhatsApp from his phone. All correspondence will be copied to Kommo. When he returns to the office, in the Wazzup chat he can choose from which number to write — from his own number or from the general number of the sales department.

How to change the channel for sending a message

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